January 9, 2017

Local HVAC Company Awarded Key State Classification

Princeton, NJ: Princeton Air Conditioning, Inc. announced today that the State of New Jersey’s Department of Property Management and Construction (DPM&C) has awarded the company its Contractor Classification.

By earning the DPM&C credential, Princeton Air will be able to expand its opportunities as a subcontractor within the State’s Direct Install program, as well as be a qualified contractor for consideration in other projects engaged by the State and the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

Under the Department of the Treasury, one of the DPM&C’s primary functions includes design and construction for public works building projects for state agencies and the New Jersey Building Authority. In addition, DPM&C is responsible for operation and maintenance of State-owned facilities in the Capitol Complex and various locations throughout the state.

“We’re honored to be recognized as meeting and/or exceeding the stringent qualifications required to earn this prestigious & important credential. Earning the DPM&C classification will enable us to further participate in meaningful, worthwhile projects that serve the community at large,” stated Scott Needham, President of Princeton Air.

Princeton Air Conditioning, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1971. As one of the Capital region’s premier comfort providers, Princeton Air has built a responsive organization that focuses on attending to the needs of the region’s more discerning clientele for all of their home or businesses’ Heating, Cooling, Hot Water & Plumbing, Backup Power, Insulation & Air Sealing needs and more. With employees on call 24/7/365, Princeton Air’s team of experienced representatives & certified technicians provide only the most efficient and timely services available, and make every effort to ensure that improving comfort is an easy and convenient process.