At Princeton, we work with local utility companies and manufactures to keep up to date on all equipment rebates and PA and NJ incentive programs. Our technicians will walk you through program details and paper work to make sure you are able to take advantage of all available rebates and incentives.

New Jersey WARM/COOLAdvantage

WARMAdvantage and COOLAdvantage is a rebate program run through local utilities for energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and heat pumps. Rebates vary by utility company and season. If you are considering installing any of this equipment to upgrade your home’s performance, contact us or your local utility to see what rebates are available. We would be happy to go over program details and paper work with you.

Pennsylvania Savings Programs

There are three main home performance financing programs available in PA: Keystone HELP unsecured, Keystone HELP secured and EnergyLoan unsecured. The unsecured Keystone HELP program is for whole house Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR single measures. The secured Keystone HELP program is for large energy improvements, while the EnergyLoan program covers most energy improvements. For more information on these financing programs, call us today or visit their webpages.

Manufacturer Rebates

We make sure you are made aware of any available manufacturer rebates on energy efficient systems and equipment. All the necessary paperwork will be made available to you to make the rebate process as quick and easy as possible.

If you have any questions about programs and incentives or would like to schedule a home assessment, please call us today!