Cash for Clunkers


And we'll pay you to do it!

If you are a property owner of a home over 10 years of age, you may be over-paying the utility company as much as $5,977 over the ten year life of your HVAC system.

Instant Cash For Clunkers Rebate!

save on old hvac systems

We are giving Cash For Clunkers! 

Current incentives make this the best time for you to exchange your out-of-date model for a new, Premium High Efficiency system, and do it all with No money down and 0% Financing for 36 months* and up to $1,000 instant trade-in rebate on our Premium systems**.

The Best News Yet!

Your savings may pay for your new system. Our new Premium High Efficiency systems are guaranteed to put the “green” back in your pocket with their super high efficiency energy savings functionality... and we'll guarantee that in writing! And if you prefer to make monthly payments we have low interest rate loans available through our bank.

What Next?

Give us a call at 609-651-8578 and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience to give you exact figures on how much you can save. Many of our customers have thanked us for taking the time to review their utility savings options and they have turned their savings into more exciting purchases like vacations, computers, even shopping sprees...

*W.A.C. With approved credit.
**With the purchase of a Premium High Efficiency system.
***Average utility savings over the ten year life of the system. (Based on existing system being standard efficiency.)

Call us at 609-651-8578 to schedule an appointment to give you an exact estimate on how much you will save in your home.

Act now before these rebates and incentives expire!

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