Why Do I Need to Maintain My Home Generator?

When a severe storm or natural disaster causes a power outage, you lose access to more than you might think — lights, refrigerated food, cooking appliances, internet, medical equipment, your sump pump, even your heating system.

A generator automatically provides backup power to your home the moment it detects a power outage — but only if it is properly maintained. Without regular professional maintenance, your generator could develop any number of issues, such as:

  • Air in the fuel system

  • A fuel leak

  • Overheating

  • Low coolant levels

  • Water contamination

  • Switchgear problems

Whether you rely on your generator to provide electricity for your entire home during an outage, or you use it to back up only the most essential items, regular maintenance is essential.

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The Benefits of Regular Generator Maintenance

The number one cause of a failing generator is lack of maintenance. Regular maintenance for your whole house generator will ensure you aren’t left in the dark when an emergency strikes. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family will have a continuous power supply no matter what the weather brings.

Regular service also extends the life of your generator, helping you get the most from your investment.

Expert Maintenance for Your Generac Generator

For true peace of mind with your Generac generator, make sure it’s properly maintained. At Princeton Air, we offer 24 hour service to make sure you have power when you need it most!

Plus, when you take advantage of our Generator Club Membership, you’ll reap all of the benefits of a maintenance agreement — including regular scheduled maintenance, priority service, discounts on repairs, discounted service fees, and a lifetime warranty on parts we install. You’ll even accumulate loyalty credits to put towards new equipment in the future!

With a Generac generator and the Generac certified experts at Princeton Air at your side, you never have to worry about what the New Jersey weather might bring.

*We are currently servicing residential Generac generators*

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Make sure your home and family are prepared for the unexpected. Call 609-799-3434 or contact us to schedule maintenance for your Generac generator!

You can’t predict the next power outage, but you can be prepared.

Learn more about Generac generator maintenance and club memberships.


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