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Air Sealing and Insulation are the cornerstones of Home Performance. To control your home’s climate and energy usage you must have control of its air flow. Air Sealing & Insulation are the first steps to gaining control. After all, what good is it to replace all of your home’s heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency models, if the home itself doesn't lend a hand?

What is Air Sealing?

In just about every home, unseen cracks and gaps allow conditioned air to escape, and unconditioned outside air to enter in its place; and depending on the home, these losses can add up to anywhere from 5% - 40% of the total space-conditioning costs. The largest of these leaks can typically be found in attics, crawlspaces & basements, with smaller ones around doors and windows, as well as plumbing, piping & electrical penetrations / outlets; and the combined sum of these losses can be like leaving a window open all year round. The solution? Air Sealing.

Air Sealing in New Jersey

Air Sealing is the process of plugging-up these cracks & gaps in a home by utilizing materials such as sealant foams, caulking, weather-stripping & rigid insulation boards. But before Air Sealing should be performed, it should be known how much of this Air Sealing might be needed, and where the largest improvements to a home can be made through the implementation of Air Sealing services. To this effect, a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified technician from Princeton Air can test your home using the proper diagnostic testing & equipment, known as a “Blower Door” test. This test can accurately measure a home’s air leakage amount, as well as point to the areas causing the greatest losses. With this knowledge in hand, Princeton Air’s technicians can target specific portions of the home for Air Sealing, thereby maximizing the potential “bang for the buck” received from this service; and when completed, we will perform the Blower Door test a 2nd time to quantify the air leakage reduction, so you can have the confidence in knowing that tangible improvements in the home's comfort & efficiency will follow.

 The benefits of Air Sealing are undeniable. By having your home professionally air sealed, you can expect a reduction in energy loss (and lower utility bills), increased home comfort with less drafts, minimize the risk of ice dams, mold, mildew, and structural damage caused by excess moisture, and overall improved indoor air quality. Whether combined with added insulation or not, Air Sealing can be a powerful tool for improving home performance.

Our Insulation Services

We offer two main types of insulation that are both significant upgrades from the old, pink-fiberglass batt insulation. Where pink-fiberglass batts simply fit between the studs in your ceilings & walls, and are only as effective as the quality used to install them, cellulose and spray foam insulation fill these gaps completely, minimizing leaks or drafts and cutting down on moisture.

Cellulose Insulation: Comprised of recycled newspaper and naturally occurring minerals with fire resistant, mold resistant, and insect resistant properties, this insulation is great for walls, floors and hard to reach areas.

Spray Foam Insulation: This insulation is highly moisture resistant and adhesive. It is very effective for sealing large gaps and in areas where moisture and drafts are prevalent.

For more information on our Insulation Services for New Jersey and Pennsylvania, visit the pages below or contact us for details!

A marked improvement from traditional fiberglass insulation, Cellulose insulation is greener, safer, quieter and just plain better than most other insulation. Green Seal Cellulose is made using hand-sorted recycled newspaper. It has 82%-plus recycled content, compared to fiberglass, which has up to 25%, and spray foam, which has 0%. It also has the lowest "embodied energy" (the amount of energy it takes to manufacture) of any insulation choice.

You wouldn’t wear a sweater out in the wind and rain, would you? Traditional fiberglass insulation is the equivalent of wearing a sweater when you should really be wearing your Gor-tex windbreaker. And, as you might have guessed, spray foam is the Gor-tex windbreaker of the insulation world. If you are having comfort and/or moisture issues in your home it might be time to evaluate your insulation and determine if it’s time for an upgrade.


Do you use your own installation specialists or do you hire subcontractors?

During our 45 year history, Princeton Air has invested significant time & money into being able to offer our Clients a “1-stop” purchasing experience, by employing & training the most capable technicians in the area, and being able to control all facets of the products & services our clients demand “in house”, meaning without the use of outside tradesman / professionals, often referred to as “Subcontractors”.

 However, no matter how hard we have tried, the bottom line is that everyone needs some help some of the time; and rather than continue to expend resources in technical areas that can sometimes require “expert-level” know-how, we have decided to instead developed long term Strategic Alliances with well-known & reputable local industry professionals in some fields “best left to true experts”, such as: Plumbing, large-scale Spray Foam Applications, Mold / Asbestos Remediation, Oil Tank Removals, High-Voltage Electrical Modifications, Chimney Repairs & Liners, and Duct Cleaning.

 And for our Clients, the best part of these relationships is that we are still able to be price-competitive; by using equipment out of our extensive inventory while simultaneously giving each partner a large volume of work, they are able to afford us a lower industry rate for their labor, so your investment ends up being the same as if we were performing all of these measures “in house”.

 Nonetheless, please be assured that during projects that one of our partners are engaged in, Princeton Air is the Project Manager, and will handle most, if not all, of the scheduling, permits and paperwork; and we hold our partners to the highest of quality standards – the same standards that you would expect from Princeton Air.

 We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, and in advance for your anticipated understanding of our situation & decision. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding this policy, or any other Princeton Air Standard.

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