Oil fired heating systems remain relatively common here in New Jersey, despite the fact that about half of residential heating systems in the U.S. are now running on natural gas. Though oil remains easy to access here in the Northeast, there are many advantages to converting from oil heat to gas heat. With natural gas more available to New Jersey homeowners than ever before, more and more people in the area are making the switch to gas. As heating and cooling experts, Princeton Air has the knowledge and expertise you are looking for to help you seamlessly convert your heating system.

The Benefits of Converting to Gas Heating

Convenient Home Heating

One of the key benefits of switching from oil to gas is never again having to schedule a fuel delivery. While oil is delivered by truck to residential oil tanks, natural gas is piped directly into your home by your local utility company. If you live in an urban or suburban area, chances are that there is a gas main under your street that we can tap into.

More Stable Heating Costs

The cost of natural gas tends to be more stable than that of oil. In addition, natural gas offers greater energy value than other fuel types — meaning you could see lower heating bills. Our experts can help you see how switching to gas will impact your finances.

Better for the Environment

Natural gas is a byproduct of oil production and contains fewer impurities than oil, making it the cleanest burning fossil fuel. By converting your heating system to gas, you can reduce your carbon emissions by approximately 27 percent.

Furnace Replacement: The Perfect Time to Make the Switch

If you’re planning to replace your oil furnace soon, now is a good time to consider making the switch to gas. The heating experts at Princeton Air can help you determine if you are eligible for oil to gas conversion — and if not, we will outline the best heating options for you and your family. We’ll handle every aspect of your oil to gas conversion, including removing your old furnace, installing your new gas furnace, and coordinating with your utility company to ensure proper connection. We also offer additional services such as duct cleaning and indoor air quality testing to help you get more from your new heating system.

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