If you've improved your home's efficiency through heating, air sealing and efficient heating and cooling equipment, but are still looking to further lower your energy bills, a Solar Energy System could be the answer. We can help you harness the power of the sun to heat and cool your home and provide you with hot water. You can also subsidize installation costs with rebates and incentives. We’ll walk you through the paperwork to help you save money before the system is even turned on.

Benefits of Going Solar

Savings: With rebates to help with startup costs, solar energy systems can quickly pay for themselves through energy bill savings.

Environmentally Responsible: Using renewable energy decreases dependence on fossil fuels, this benefits the environment and reduces the impact of changing fuel costs.

Availability: You won’t run out of sunlight or have to wait for a delivery. If your solar array doesn’t collect enough energy, your traditional heating system will cover the difference. This significantly reduces the stress on your traditional systems.

Princeton Difference

We guarantee the work we do and the parts we install. It is our goal to make sure you are never without heat when you need it most. We have operators and technicians working around the clock to ensure that service is available when you need it.

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A Solar Photovoltaic System collects the sun’s energy through panels and converts it to usable energy for your home. If you are interested in supplementing your home’s energy with clean, efficient, and inexpensive solar energy, Princeton can help with the entire project, from installing panels to setting up energy converters and monitors.

Princeton Air is offering a new energy system that uses the sun for heating and cooling. Lennox's "SunSource Home Energy System" is a residential heating and cooling system ready to be run off solar panel modules. On it's own the unit--either central AC or a heat pump--operates (and costs about) the same as any central heating and cooling system. But package the solar panels and solar subpanel together and you've got a home heating and cooling system powered by the sun.


Do you use your own installation specialists or do you hire subcontractors?

During our 45 year history, Princeton Air has invested significant time & money into being able to offer our Clients a “1-stop” purchasing experience, by employing & training the most capable technicians in the area, and being able to control all facets of the products & services our clients demand “in house”, meaning without the use of outside tradesman / professionals, often referred to as “Subcontractors”.

 However, no matter how hard we have tried, the bottom line is that everyone needs some help some of the time; and rather than continue to expend resources in technical areas that can sometimes require “expert-level” know-how, we have decided to instead developed long term Strategic Alliances with well-known & reputable local industry professionals in some fields “best left to true experts”, such as: Plumbing, large-scale Spray Foam Applications, Mold / Asbestos Remediation, Oil Tank Removals, High-Voltage Electrical Modifications, Chimney Repairs & Liners, and Duct Cleaning.

 And for our Clients, the best part of these relationships is that we are still able to be price-competitive; by using equipment out of our extensive inventory while simultaneously giving each partner a large volume of work, they are able to afford us a lower industry rate for their labor, so your investment ends up being the same as if we were performing all of these measures “in house”.

 Nonetheless, please be assured that during projects that one of our partners are engaged in, Princeton Air is the Project Manager, and will handle most, if not all, of the scheduling, permits and paperwork; and we hold our partners to the highest of quality standards – the same standards that you would expect from Princeton Air.

 We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, and in advance for your anticipated understanding of our situation & decision. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding this policy, or any other Princeton Air Standard.

Use the power of the sun to lower your energy costs!


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