We know that commercial building owners throughout New Jersey require building performance services that will keep their existing comfort & process systems up & running year-round; and when considering replacement systems, if there’s a choice between energy-efficient options and “standard-efficiency” options, most will easily choose the more efficient options. It’s for these reasons & more that Princeton Air has been offering Commercial Systems maintenance & replacement services for many years to a wide variety of Commercial facilities, including labs, schools, churches, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and state and local government buildings, just to name a few. We offer what most business owners want & expect: Unsurpassed levels of Commercial heating and cooling services; selecting only the best possible equipment to get the job done properly; and seeing projects through from start to finish.

From the simplest of repairs to the most complex & complete HVAC retrofit, you can rely on our technicians to help lead you in the right direction. Our comprehensive services include (but are not limited to):

Commercial Heating New Jersey
Commercial Air Conditioning New Jersey
Commercial HVAC Maintenance
Commercial HVAC Controls
Commercial Energy Audits New Jersey


Commercial HVAC Installation In The Princeton, NJ Region

We’ve helped countless commercial business owners throughout the central New Jersey and southeast Pennsylvania region achieve their heating and cooling goals; and while the desire to minimize costs by repairing instead of replacing is respected, in many cases the most cost-effective path forward is to install a new HVAC system altogether. You can count on our team of heating and cooling experts to help you select the right HVAC system for your commercial property, and we will size it properly for your business to ensure that you’re getting the maximum performance from your system from Day 1, and for many years to come.

We believe that it’s all about the planning process, which is why we’ll come to your business first to evaluate your current HVAC system & the building itself, and develop a plan for moving forward based on our 45+ years of experience.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Princeton, NJ

Has your facilities’ HVAC system been acting up? Does it seem to be getting more difficult each year to properly heat and cool your space, especially during the extreme seasons of the year? There’s a good chance that HVAC maintenance from Princeton Air can solve these and other problems. Our team is well-versed in every aspect of HVAC maintenance, and we can get your systems up and running once again, and/or keep them operating at their peak performance capabilities if we determine that they still have some life left in them & should be maintained instead of replaced.

Ventilation in Commercial Buildings

Proper airflow in a commercial building is critical to helping your employees stay healthy and attentive, as well as keeping your customers comfortable. Because of the central New Jersey and southeast Pennsylvania area climate, we tend to keep our windows closed for much of the year to begin with; and with most new Commercial buildings being constructed without manually-operable windows, proper ventilation and airflow in a modern commercial building becomes even more important than ever before, and requires a carefully designed ventilation system by experienced professionals, like those from Princeton Air.

Modern buildings are being designed to be as air-tight as possible to assist with minimizing heating and cooling costs;  but the tradeoff is that it can foster the “sick building syndrome” if not ventilated properly. Take control of your buildings health by having the experts at Princeton Air inspect its ventilation capabilities, identify any areas that may be creating or contributing to a potentially hazardous situation for the occupants, and help you chart a path forward towards a safer, healthier environment for all.  

How Energy-Efficient is Your Commercial Building – Really?

It is human nature to wonder where we rank compared to others; and for those interested in seeing how your building stacks up against similar buildings in regards to Energy Consumption & Waste, start by using this evaluation tool, and once completed call Princeton Air to report your findings. We’ll work with the data and discuss options that can help to enhance your building’s performance, make your space more comfortable and reduce your energy bills. And you know that you can rely on our team to take the time to answer any questions that happen to pop up along the way, as thoroughly as possible.

Princeton Air: Your Local Industrial HVAC Experts!

Princeton Air is proud to be a locally owned & operated company that employs the best & brightest local talent. We’re sufficiently experienced, equipped & staffed to handle any job project that comes our way, yet small enough to still provide the best possible customer service in the region. We are also strategically partnered with some of the nation’s most respected industry leaders, which gives us access to the resources and knowledge needed to accomplish all of your commercial heating and cooling goals. Our proven solutions help commercial building owners:

  • Reduce owning and operating costs

  • Improve equipment reliability and uptime

  • Increase building comfort and indoor air quality

  • Increase energy efficiency and sustainability

Are you ready to take your commercial building’s HVAC systems to the next level of performance, comfort & reliabilityContact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Princeton Air Conditioning proudly offers the installation of high quality, highly sophisticated HVAC systems for office buildings, industrial plants, bio-pharmaceutical buildings, research and development labs, and data rooms. We understand the importance of ventilation and fail-safe temperature control for many of the environments.
"A properly commissioned building with controls and equipment functioning properly can save 5%-15% in total energy cost" ~EPA


What can I do to reduce my building's energy costs?

Around 50% of a building's total energy consumption is used to power its HVAC systems, making it a great place to start when looking to save on energy costs. Our advanced Commercial HVAC systems use less energy to help you achieve an ideal level of comfort while gaining better control of your building's energy costs.

We give you a custom system engineered to each building's unique heating, cooling & comfort requirements, rather than a “one-size-fits all” system that might initially be cheaper to install, but will not account for subtle nuances within your building, thereby costing you comfort; and if it’s not sized, installed & maintained properly, and will cost you much more to operate in the long run than the few extra dollars invested upfront in the “right-for-you” system. We can split your building into “comfort zones”, which allows for monitoring & control of airflow and temperatures on a room-by-room or area-by-area basis,and which will markedly increase the system’s overall efficiency as well as the comfort of the occupants.

What are the benefits of zoning my building?

If you have unused areas in your building, or an area that is consistently too hot or too cold, installing a system with zoning capabilities will not only help solve these problems, but decrease your energy costs while doing it. A zoning system improves your building in four main areas: comfort, efficiency, control and performance. Comfort and control are improved by adjusting the climate per zone so that each area is comfortable, rather than having a “cold zone” turn the heat up, thereby causing a “warm zone” to be too hot. This also saves energy as zones are not needlessly overheated or overcooled. Zoning will also increase the longevity of your HVAC systems by transferring heat from warm zones to cool zones, shutting off heat to unused areas and putting less stress on your building's HVAC equipment.

Do you provide 24-hour service?

Absolutely! Our Emergency Service Team is available to take care of our clients whenever the need might arise; every hour of every day, we’ll be there for you.

Is annual maintenance necessary?

Yes! In our area, comfort systems work hard; and just like anything that might be operating virtually non-stop for months on end, a little regular maintenance goes a long way. Think about the car you drive daily -  without the regular maintenance of a tune-up, you lose efficiency (Miles Per Gallon) and money (to replace those gallons used).

Regularly-scheduled & performed tune-ups keep your system working at their peak efficiency, and can extend the life of your equipment by giving our technicians a chance to potentially catch minor problems and signs of wear before they turn into major trouble down the road. An annual tune-up also protects your family/building occupants by helping prevent life & health-threatening conditions from occurring, likecarbon monoxide poisoning for example.

If I’m looking to replace my system, how many bids should I get?

It’s really up to you, typically you’re told 3. Sometimes getting a bid will be a good indicator of the kind of company you’re working with, that’s why we guarantee reasonable rates and quality service with careful attention to details.

Do you use your own installation specialists or do you hire subcontractors?

During our 45 year history, Princeton Air has invested significant time & money into being able to offer our Clients a “1-stop” purchasing experience, by employing & training the most capable technicians in the area, and being able to control all facets of the products & services our clients demand “in house”, meaning without the use of outside tradesman / professionals, often referred to as “Subcontractors”.

 However, no matter how hard we have tried, the bottom line is that everyone needs some help some of the time; and rather than continue to expend resources in technical areas that can sometimes require “expert-level” know-how, we have decided to instead developed long term Strategic Alliances with well-known & reputable local industry professionals in some fields “best left to true experts”, such as: Plumbing, large-scale Spray Foam Applications, Mold / Asbestos Remediation, Oil Tank Removals, High-Voltage Electrical Modifications, Chimney Repairs & Liners, and Duct Cleaning.

 And for our Clients, the best part of these relationships is that we are still able to be price-competitive; by using equipment out of our extensive inventory while simultaneously giving each partner a large volume of work, they are able to afford us a lower industry rate for their labor, so your investment ends up being the same as if we were performing all of these measures “in house”.

 Nonetheless, please be assured that during projects that one of our partners are engaged in, Princeton Air is the Project Manager, and will handle most, if not all, of the scheduling, permits and paperwork; and we hold our partners to the highest of quality standards – the same standards that you would expect from Princeton Air.

 We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, and in advance for your anticipated understanding of our situation & decision. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding this policy, or any other Princeton Air Standard.

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