Green Improvements through Home Performance and Renewable Energy

Princeton Air has always been a “green” company with a focus on helping customers use less energy. That’s why we’re so excited to be incorporating home performance and renewables into our business.

Like most homes in America, yours likely has common comfort and energy efficiency problems such as hot and cold spots, drafts, moisture and humidity, poor air quality, and excessive dust.

Through our focus on home performance, we use integrated, whole-house diagnostics to quickly and accurately solve your home’s issues, with strict adherence to quality, process, technology, education, and standards.

The result is an optimal in-home environment that typically reduces energy usage by 25% to 60% or more!

What’s more, each home that implements home performance measures helps keep 200 tons of carbon dioxide a year out of the atmosphere (that’s the same as planting 125 trees)

Other benefits include:

  • A safer, more comfortable, and draft-free home
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Improved home durability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased resale value 


Princeton Air, a Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor, offers you an outstanding opportunity to get a home energy consultation. We identify problem areas and provide a range of recommendations and solutions that will improve the comfort, durability and efficiency of your home.

It’s not just a generator; It’s peace of mind for Central NJ & Southeastern PA. Every year it seems like we have to cope with devastating storms that knock out power to millions of people. Once your power goes off, you never know just how long it will be before you get it back. That's where we come in; we provide top of the line installations and 24 hour service to make sure you have power when you need it most.

Princeton Air is a Leading Geothermal Energy Company in Central NJ and Southeastern PA. Geothermal energy uses the ground you already own to heat and cool your home. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this method is an extremely efficient way to power your heating and cooling systems. Geothermal systems give you the chance to save up to 60% on energy (heating, cooling, and hot water) costs.

Insulation is the cornerstone of home performance's whole-house approach to home improvement. We offer a variety of insulation services that keep your home a uniform temperature and allow your heating and cooling systems to operate more efficiently.


What is Home Performance Contracting?

The main goal of home performance contracting is to improve a home's comfort, safety, health, durability and energy efficiency. This is accomplished by using the principles of Building Science, looking at the house as a whole, and examining the relationships between all of your home's systems. We focus on all the systems within the building envelope, which include heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment as well as the habits of the home's occupants.

The home performance improvement process starts with a comprehensive home assessment that is used to identify problem areas and pinpoint the source of any issues. From the assessment, we are able to provide a range of improvement options from easy do it yourself jobs to more in-depth retrofits. Once our work is complete we re-assess a home's performance to ensure that all of the improvements are functioning properly.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Usually it’s only a matter of a couple of days. We can come out to your home or building at your convenience during the day or in the evening. To recommend the right size system for you, we do a lot of calculations. One thing we look at is heat loss, or the amount of heat your home or building loses in the winter. This is just one way we figure how much BTU “power” your heating system needs.

Can I make home performance improvements on my own?

Yes, and No. In the home performance industry we talk a lot about low hanging fruit. Through a home assessment, we're looking for things your home does very badly that can be improved easily in addition to more serious home performance concerns. The assessment is essential in highlighting a home's weaknesses and requires an experienced building science professional, armed with the diagnostic tools to do the job right. While the assessment is something you can't do on your own, our technicians will suggest a range of improvement options for your home. Some will be bigger jobs that require the skills, equipment and expertise of home performance professionals, but other jobs might focus more on your home's low hanging issues, which you could potentially improve on your own.

Find out what Home Performance and Renewables can do for you!

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Eliminated current heating challenges

Princeton Air personnel provided us with an energy efficient heating/air conditioning system that worked without current heating challenges. We were very happy with the service. The installers showed up on time and were clean and courteous and they did not mind me watching and asking questions during installation.

Barbara and George live in a 1950’s Cape Cod style home in Princeton. The home had been taken care of for many years, but needed a number of... Read More