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Understanding the quality of your indoor air is vital to health and well-being within your home. Allergens and pollutants can creep into your living space from a number of spaces both inside and outside of your home. These hazards are invisible and could be silently affecting your health. Fortunately, Princeton Air can make the invisible nature of air visible.

Princeton Air Can Help:

We have indoor air quality products from Honeywell and Aprilaire, the leaders in the IAQ world.  Visit the pages below to learn more about the products and service we supply to improve your quality of air and quality of life.

The diagram below illustrates some areas where pollutants could be lurking in your home:

We would be happy to provide you with residential or commercial building air quality testing pricing. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

If your home is not properly ventilated, the air you breathe while inside could be far more polluted than the air outdoors. Pollutants from damp areas in your home or from fumes in the garage can seep into your air increasing the risk and effects of asthmas as well as other respiratory issues. Through our comprehensive approach to home service and improvement, we insulate and air seal to stop pollutants from getting into your air.
In the warmer seasons, your air conditioning system can cool your indoor air, but it can't adequately control the humidity that we experience in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Additionally, when it's cool outside but damp inside, your air conditioner shuts off and doesn’t provide any moisture relief. This can lead to many indoor moisture issues. Our whole-house dehumidifiers can solve these issues.
We thoroughly clean your air duct system to make your home’s air healthier and easier for your family to breathe. If you want clean air ducts, you’ve come to the right place.
In the cooler seasons, your home heating system will warm the air, as the air warms it becomes drier and the system is not equipped to put moisture back in the air. According to medical experts, many viruses thrive in low humidity - increasing the likelihood of catching colds, flu, and upper respiratory ailments. Fortunately, all these issues can be greatly reduced by installing a whole house humidifier, which will deliver the ideal amount of moisture into your home’s air.
You want your home to be tight and resistant to the outdoor weather, but tightening up your home to the outside also traps air on the inside. Sure, you can open your windows - but that's not always a realistic choice when it is freezing cold, boiling hot, or pouring rain outside. The answer to a fresh-air indoor environment is a whole-house energy recovery ventilation system that exchanges outside and indoor air with minimal effect on your indoor heating or cooling systems.


What are some common causes of IAQ issues?

Some common causes of indoor air quality issues that we see in the New Jersey area are:

  • The infiltration of contaminants from either inside or outside the house;
  • High moisture and subsequent mold due to leaks, high humidity and/or flooding;
  • Poorly maintained air conditioning or heating systems;
  • Poor ventilation that is either not filtering the air properly or bringing in enough fresh air.

How can I tell if my home has an IAQ issue?

Here are a few questions to keep in mind if worried about your home's indoor air quality:

  • Do you have symptoms that occur only when you are at home?
  • Is anyone else in your family experiencing these symptoms?
  • Are the symptoms season specific or time specific?
  • Have changes recently been made to your house (i.e. remodel or flooding).

If your answer to these questions is yes, we recommend checking with a doctor and contacting us or another qualified IAQ tester to find the source of the problem.

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