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piggy bank saving money in front of water heater
Is a tankless water heater a good fit for your NJ or PA home? Princeton Air explains the pros and cons of tankless on-demand hot water systems. From energy savings and initial cost to water heater lifespan, learn more about the difference between tankless and traditional storage tank systems.
princeton kohler generators
Avoid the next big power outage and keep your Jersey home safe and comfortable with standby home generator installation. Princeton Air explains how standby generators work, the difference between standby and portable generators, and how to keep the power on in your house during a storm or blackout.
home generator on side of house
Home generators installed by the experts at Princeton Air can provide seamless power for your Middlesex or Somerset County NJ home when the lights go out. Prevent costly food loss, exposure to cold or hot weather and maintain a safe home environment in emergencies.
frozen air conditioning lines
Even when the weather's hot, your Middlesex County NJ air conditioner can freeze up! Some freeze-up causes can be solved by routine AC maintenance by the cooling pros at Princeton Air. Dirt & debris, poor drainage, air flow, faulty fans or thermostats can all add up to AC freeze-ups.
woman with questioning look
Learn about SEER rating as it pertains to air conditioners, and find out what a good SEER rating is for a new air conditioner. Princeton Air is your trusted local air conditioning contractor serving Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties in NJ as well as Bucks County, PA. Learn more about SEER... Read more
dirty socks on wooden table
Find out what Dirty Sock Syndrome is, what causes it, and how to fix it when it happens to your air conditioning system. Princeton Air is a local HVAC contractor serving Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, and Bucks Counties in NJ and PA. Learn more about fixing a musty air conditioner smell.
ductless mini split blowing air inside home
Considering ductless mini split installation for your home? Find out where to install mini splits for optimum indoor comfort. Princeton Air is a local mini split heat pump expert serving Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, and Bucks Counties. Learn more about the best locations for heat pump placement.
home technician shaking hands with homeowner out why you shouldn't DIY your Nest thermostat installation, and why to hire a Nest Pro Elite Installer. A professional can prevent HVAC system issues and give you an extended warranty. Learn more from Princeton Air... Read more
dirty air vent/duct
Find out if it's time to schedule professional air duct cleaning, with the indoor air quality experts at Princeton Air. Ductwork cleaning may help enhance your home's indoor air quality and reduce respiratory symptoms. Learn more about duct cleaning for homes in Central NJ and Bucks County, PA.
Summer Youth Job Connection
On April 25, 2019, Scott Needham, President of Princeton Air, was one of the speakers at the Summer Youth Jobs Connection Kick Off for the "Summer Youth Jobs Connection". He spoke to employers, non-profits & county employees about our experience with hiring youth thru county programs.


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