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Wondering how heat pumps work, how energy efficient they are, or where you might install one in your home? Get answers to FAQs about mini splits and heat pumps here, and find out how they provide benefits like lower cooling costs, from NJ and PA's local air conditioning experts, Princeton Air.
Joe and Scott Needham
"The Show Must Go On" with Scott Needham from Princeton Air
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Will increasing the humidity in your home make it safe from the coronavirus? There are lots of COVID-19 related questions about your home floating around the internet, so learn how to separate fact from fiction with Princeton Air, Central New Jersey's leading whole home services contractor.
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Learn more about residential geothermal heating and cooling for your New Jersey or Pennsylvania home from Princeton Air. Can you save money by upgrading to geothermal heat pumps? Looking for geothermal heat pump prices installed? Reach out to the whole home experts today.
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Learn more about what factors can affect the cost of heat pump or ductless mini split installation in your home. Princeton Air breaks down what heat pumps and mini split heat pumps, how much you can save in energy costs by upgrading, and how prices can change depending on your house.
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Learn how many health issues can be traced back to poor indoor air quality, and why the air in your house is often more harmful to your health than the air outside. Test the quality of your indoor air and upgrade your home so you and your family can breathe safe with Princeton Air.
Batt insulation installed partially in wall
Maximize your savings when you take advantage of these insulation tips from Princeton Air. Princeton's insulation services can increase your home comfort while reducing your monthly energy bills. Find out how you can make the right home performance decisions for your home today.
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Improve the health of your home with Princeton Air's many services to increase your indoor air quality. From IAQ testing to ventilation and purification system installation, we have nearly half a century of experience making homes in NJ and PA more comfortable with lower levels of pollutants and... Read more
two outdoor HVA|C systems
Learn the average lifespan of HVAC systems, and the steps homeowners can take to get the most years out of their home's heating and cooling. Preventative maintenance and tune-ups will give extra years of comfort from your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump. Schedule HVAC Service in NJ... Read more
Scott Needham, President of Princeton Air, Scott Kent, Area Manager at Wawa, Peter Crowley, President & CEO of Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber
At the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber​ on November 7th, 2019, Scott Needham, President of Princeton Air Conditioning, Inc.​, and Scott Kent, Area Manager at Wawa​ were honored for being the first and hundredth champions for business.


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