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September 20, 2019

According to the annual power outage data from the Eaton Blackout Tracker, more than 212 million Americans lost power at some point in 2018 during 1 of the more than 32,000 reported power outages across the country.

While there’s never a convenient time for a power outage, losing electricity to your New Jersey or Pennsylvania home during the coldest months of the year can cause many issues for you and your family, including:

  • Loss of heating

  • Reduced access to emergency services

  • Ruined food in fridge or freezer

  • Frozen pipes

This is why more and more homeowners are turning to standby generators to bring them peace of mind the next time a big storm comes through Mercer, Middlesex, or Somerset county. 

How Do Home Generators Work?

Home standby generators come in a variety of models and sizes, and can be powered by gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas. But all generators produce electricity that can be used to provide backup power to your home when your main source of electricity is unavailable.

Some generators are whole house generators, powerful enough to keep the power on throughout your home, while others are designed to only target essential appliances.

Home backup generators connect to your home via an automatic transfer switch which is constantly monitoring the incoming power from your utility company. When there’s an interruption in service from your utility power, the transfer switch automatically turns your generator on and switches your home’s energy supply to minimize any disruption to power in your home.

Standby vs Portable Generators

If you’re caught between buying a portable gas-powered generator and having a standby generator installed, there are a few things to keep in mind. While the lower price of portable generators makes them attractive to homeowners, they lack a number of conveniences that come with standby generators, including:

  • Much quieter operation

  • No hassle, 24/7 protection against outages

  • No manual refueling

Also keep in mind that portable generators can be tricky to hook up and may require additional electrical work before operating, negating some of the perceived cost savings.

If your first priority is the comfort and safety of your home, standby generators are the way to go.

Call Princeton Air for Your Generator Needs

From Kohler generator installation to generator maintenance and repair, Princeton Air can get your central New Jersey or southeastern Pennsylvania home up and running with backup generator power, and then make sure your generator is ready for the next power outage for years to come.

For extra convenience, we also offer Generator Club Membership, which comes with 2 annual service check-ups, priority service, discounts and reduced service fees, and much more. 

Don’t get caught unprepared for another power outage. Call 609-799-3434 or contact us today to learn more about the standby generator options for your home.

Stay safe and comfortable during the next outage.

Keep your home’s power on with a standby generator.


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