Is a Furnace Tuneup Worth It
September 9, 2015

Short answer: Yes!

Longer, but more informative answer:

No one wants to deal with unexpected heating repairs ever, let alone midway through a Jersey winter when the outdoor temperatures are hovering at or below freezing. However, most of these breakdowns can be easily avoided by getting your furnace checked out & tuned up before the winter is here.

It’s basically a question of risk and reward. If you look at the risks of not having your furnace inspected and tuned by a professional, versus the rewards of acting now … you’ll want to act now. What are some of those risks?

  • Paying emergency repair rates in mid-winter for a sudden furnace breakdown

  • Exposing you and your family to carbon monoxide in the home from a leaky furnace

  • Having to replace your furnace earlier than normal due to insufficient maintenance

  • Paying more on your monthly utility bill because your furnace is running inefficiently

In light of the risk factors, the benefits of a professional furnace tune-up are obvious: extended furnace life, controlled costs and increased safety.

Ok, but how do I know I’m getting the right level of service?

Before scheduling an appointment for a furnace tune-up, ask for details on what the company includes in the service. Tune-up packages vary widely here in the Princeton, NJ area. For example, here’s just some of what we at Princeton Air include in our pre-season tune-ups:

  • Clean and adjust all safety devices

  • Check & adjust the thermostat for proper calibration

  • Inspect pilot flame or ignition system, clean and adjust as required

  • Inspect burners and adjust as required

  • Inspect blower motor and lubricate as required

  • Check flue, draft device

  • Check blower and blower compartment for cleanliness

  • Check complete furnace cycle, including fan control

  • Inspect system for carbon monoxide leaks and proper venting of flue gases

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Lubricate all bearings & inspect for wear as needed

If you can’t recall when the last time your furnace was inspected, it’s been too long, and you need a tune-up.

Like any large piece of machinery, your furnace requires periodic maintenance to continue running at its optimal efficiency. Princeton Air’s furnace experts offer a full inspection & evaluation for your furnace to ensure that you won’t run into problems later this winter.

The risks of not acting can be costly, to your comfort, the health & safety of your family and your wallet. Enjoy the rewards of a furnace tune-up from Princeton Air by calling now to schedule an appointment!

This is the best time for you to exchange your out-of-date HVAC model for a new, premium high efficiency system!