energy circle tweet
January 22, 2016

Energy Circle, one of the leading digital marketing companies in the Home Performance industry, recently conducted a roundtable discussion regarding predictions for 2016. The discussion covered topics such as efficiency financing, energy monitoring, and the real estate market; and the discussion included a handful of industry leaders, including Princeton Air’s President, J. Scott Needham.  When asked for his opinion about the future of the home Performance Industry, Scott’s reply was:  

“The Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt the home services market in 2016 like we have not seen before. With that will bring both opportunities and threats. As the big players (Google, Comcast, Verizon, Amazon, etc.) develop their strategic direction, it will invariably be to “own” the home and to be the conduit through which all customer interaction flows (which may leave us to fall by the wayside). This will certainly impact home services contractors if we don’t develop our own “Customer Stickiness” strategy.

He continued: “The progressive contractors will develop programs to connect to their customers’ homes and bundle the smart thermostat (the hook) into all service/home performance packages. It will be like a page out of the cell phone industries’ original playbook, where the thermostat itself (phone) is offered at low cost or even no cost, provided it be purchased in conjunction with a Preventive Maintenance plan or system retrofit (does anybody buy an iPhone 6S Plus without a cell plan? Almost never.). As the connected home gets traction, the layering of additional sensors and devices will become more commonplace and cheaper in 2016 & beyond. When this happens, we will have the ability to move away from the “ROI/Energy Savings” battle cry to health outcomes where pre and post sensor samples are evaluated and celebrated. If we get this right, we will see doctors stop writing prescriptions for medication and start writing prescriptions for home energy audits. What a cocktail party conversation....I can’t wait!” 

As the internet and increasing ease of connectivity are both improving our lives in so many ways, why not take advantage of the opportunity to let it improve energy efficiency and home performance as well? If you are ready to move into the future of home efficiency and home health, please give Princeton Air a call today, and discover the difference for yourself!


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