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July 25, 2019

Storms and winds are causing more frequent outages in Mercer, Somerset & Middlesex NJ counties.  As a result, many homeowners are turning to home generators to keep their homes powered up and safe. Home generators have become so seamless to operate, that many Bucks County PA homeowners don’t even notice when the power goes out!

How Do Home Generators Work?

Home generators are fuel powered engines that generate electricity to power your home. Home generators have evolved to become quieter, and more fuel efficient to offer seamless power when you need it. Generators can be powered by several different fuels, including gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas. Many homeowners opt for the fuel that may already be onsite, or may add a freestanding propane tank dedicated to the generator.

Benefits of a Home Generator

A home generator installed by the pros at Princeton Air can take the worry out of frequent and severe storms that happen all year long. Without a home generator, some storms may leave your family without power for several days! A home generator can ensure your family can rest easy with these benefits:

  • Heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer

  • Lights remain on

  • Food and perishables stay fresh in the refrigerator and freezer

  • Access to the internet

  • Ability to charge your phone and devices

  • Access to essential appliances like well, sump and septic pumps

  • Receive emergency updates

  • Keep medical equipment running

  • Keep security systems operational

Standby Generators Offer Seamless Startup 

Standby generators are engineered to sense when the power goes out and start up instantaneously. Many Mercer County area residents love that their Standby generators will power up automatically during a blackout, even when they’re not home. 

How are Home Generators Installed?

The generator experts at Princeton Air install trusted home generators by Kohler. Our generator installation supplies whole house and partial service generators for all sizes of homes. The generator is tied into your home power panel via a transfer switch and is fueled by the source you’ve selected. As a Gold Dealer for Kohler we can ensure that your home electrical system and the generator are safely connected and will test your Kohler generator when the installation is completed. 

Home Generator Maintenance is Essential to Peace of Mind

Routine generator maintenance ensures that all the generator parts are cleaned and tested to ensure immediate activation when the power goes out. The Princeton Air generator technician is experienced in maintaining, and repairing all types of home generators, including Kohler, Generac and other brands. If maintenance is not kept up, your generator may not be working properly when most need it! Some causes of generator failure can include:

  • Battery failure— the #1 reason for generator failure

  • Low coolant levels

  • Oil and fuel leaks

  • Air in the fuel system

  • Inaccurate fuel level gauge

Join the Princeton Air Generator Club for Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t it be great if your generator maintenance happened as easily as power start-up when the lights go out? The Princeton Air Generator Club takes your generator  maintenance to a new and automatic level. The Generator Club membership includes 24-hour priority service, twice-a-year routine maintenance and discounts on parts and repairs, if needed.

Stop worrying when the power goes out!

Install a standby home generator for seamless power protection.


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