January 22, 2016

Have you ever stopped to consider the “hidden costs” of large corporations displacing local businesses? In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements and messages stressing the greatest selection and value, it is all-too easy to forget about the immense value that local businesses provide, even if that value doesn’t directly translate to the lowest selling price.

In this “Walmart World” filled with “big box” stores, it can be difficult for local businesses (and communities) to thrive; and while this is especially true for retailers, it extends to just about every industry imaginable, including locally-based contractors like Princeton Air. It’s no secret that local contractors are up against quite a lot of competition with the Goliaths of the industry; and while we will choose to leave the HVAC industry's Goliaths unnamed in this article, you probably know some of the names that we’re talking about anyway – as it is quite difficult to miss them when they have their names spelled out in 3’ tall letters on almost every NJ Transit bus in the fleet; or the minor league ballpark that they “sponsor” - which translates roughly to “spend a lot of money for”. The fact is that there are countless reasons why you should work with a local HVAC business like Princeton Air, especially if you’re looking to ensure a pleasant experience.

Still debating the merits of “going local”, or really “staying local”? Here are just a few of the reasons to consider local businesses over the big regional or national chains.

Local Business Boosts the Local Economy

Most people will agree that they’d like to see their local economy improve if at all possible, yet actions speak louder than words when it comes to making an actual difference. According to the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, for every $100 spent at a local business, just under $70 stays within the local economy. The same simply cannot be said about the money spent at a regional or national chain that has its headquarters in one of those “corporate tax-friendly” states not named New Jersey, or even worse, in a foreign country! When you “go big”, which “local economy” are you really supporting; and is that the same local economy that you reside in, and/or care about?

Local Business Builds Community

There’s nothing quite like living in a tight-knit community, as anyone who loves the town they live in can attest to. Community on this level wouldn’t exist without local businesses. Whether it’s a restaurant, retail space, HVAC Company or otherwise, local businesses attract like-minded individuals and are perfect social networking spots. If they lose our support, the effect on community will be impossible to overlook, and will be felt for many years to come – and some communities never come back from that degree of economic devastation. Would you wish this for your community?

Local Business Creates Local Jobs

Just as local businesses need customers, local people need jobs; and if you were able to find the same type of employment locally as many of us now have no choice but to commute to get to; wouldn’t you likely choose the local option? Independent businesses that are based locally employ more people per dollar of revenue; and they also become customers of other local businesses that are necessary for their businesses’ normal operations, like printers, accountants, architects, and so on. In these communities, businesses work together to help keep each other growing & thriving, and that all starts with local employees who love what they do each and every day.

We are Local – and Support Locally

Princeton Air is proud to support the same community that has supported us for the past 45 years – and we try to “actively support” the local business community through regular involvement with organizations of the same mindset, such as the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce (which we are a major sponsor of) and its’ recent formation of the Independent Business Alliance (IBA), which is dedicated to the betterment of local businesses. We encourage anyone & everyone who has a desire to support their local communities to find out for themselves the importance of “keeping it local”, and to get involved any way they can.

As for us; we’re here to assist those who are looking to take their home’s performance to the next level; and our penchant for true customer service overshadows anything offered by the Goliaths of our industry. Looking to learn more? Contact us today for more information, and to schedule an appointment with one of our/your “locally grown” representatives.

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