frozen air conditioning lines
July 19, 2019

It seems like a strange thing to happen in the heat of summer, but when your air conditioner freezes up, it’s trying to tell you something! The central air pros at Princeton Air explain some of the causes of a freezing air conditioning unit and why it’s important to address AC freezing promptly.

How does an air conditioner freeze up? 

There can be many causes, but basically your Somerset County NJ air conditioner needs the right amount of airflow to keep the cold coil warm. If there isn’t enough warm air blowing from your home to maintain cold temperatures and keep the coil’s outside temperature above freezing, condensing water vapor will collect and freeze on the coils before it can be drained away from the unit.

How is AC airflow impeded?

If your air conditioner coil isn’t getting enough warm air circulating, the first two places to check are the air filters and closed air registers inside the house. Sometimes changing the air filters for fresh clean ones will solve the problem. Take a tour of your Buck’s County PA  home’s vents to see if one of more is closed or somehow blocked by curtains, furniture or other household items.

Check the AC water drainage

Debris is often the culprit in your outside air conditioning compressor unit. Grass clippings, pine needles, and plain old dirt can infiltrate the housing and block the air conditioner’s water drainage hole or drain pipe. If the condensing water isn’t able to drain properly it can collect and freeze the coil.

Schedule an AC check-up

A routine air conditioning check-up appointment is part of our Club Membership and it can head off potential AC freeze-ups. In addition to cleaning and swapping new air filters, the AC pro from Princeton Air will check all your central air systems to pinpoint potential problems. Your AC freeze-up could be caused by a bad thermostat,  low refrigerant or a faulty fan. A refrigerant leak could cause the coils to become too cold and more likely to freeze. A malfunctioning fan could result in a freeze-up because there’s not enough airflow on the coils. Routine maintenance includes checking refrigerant levels and testing fan operation. 

AC repair to fix freeze-up causes

If your air conditioner is frozen, it’s important to turn it off and allow it to defrost. Running your AC while it’s frozen can cause further damage. If the freeze-up problem indicates AC repair is needed, count on the AC experts at Princeton Air to diagnose, install the right parts and test your Middlesex County NJ home’s air conditioning to ensure proper operation.

Repeated freeze-ups may point to AC replacement

If your air conditioner is older than 10-15 years, it could be reaching the end of its functional lifespan. If the cost of repairs is greater than 25% of replacement AC costs, it may be time to upgrade. The benefits of new AC installation include lower energy bills, improved efficiency and exceptional performance (as in no more freeze-ups!) The AC installation experts at Princeton Air can recommend a new efficient cooling solution to fit your budget!

AC check-ups can prevent frequent air conditioner freeze-ups.

Frequent freeze-ups may need major repairs or AC replacements


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