September 2, 2019

In the quest to improve home performance, many New Jersey homeowners pay close attention to any and all issues that might make themselves apparent. While there are certainly plenty of home performance problems that tend to go undetected, some are more obvious and can be seen from a mile away. A furnace with a water leak definitely falls into this category, and it’s important that you work towards fixing the problem as soon as you discover it.

So, why is your gas furnace leaking water? Let’s take a look at a few common problems that affect NJ homeowners and how to address them.

Common Causes of Winter Water Leaks from a Furnace

There are numerous factors that can play into why a furnace is leaking water during the Winter / heating season, and the first step towards fixing the problem is to identify its root cause. If the furnace is leaking or accumulating water at the base, it’s most likely a condensation leak. These occur in high-efficiency furnaces – which give off condensation much like your Air Conditioner does during the Summer / cooling season - when tubing is either damaged or clogged, and it’s a common issue faced by modern homeowners.

Condensation isn’t always the problem, however, as leaks can sometimes be caused by a furnace’s secondary heat exchanger. The issue here is that repairing a secondary heat exchanger can be very expensive. In most cases, it’s a better idea to simply replace the furnace altogether instead of putting money into repairs.

why is my furnace leaking?

Finally, a water leak could potentially be caused by a faulty humidifier, if the system in question has a humidifier attached/connected to it. This is more often a problem that occurs when annual maintenance isn’t being focused upon; so homeowners who are diligent about maintenance don’t normally need to look towards a faulty humidifier as being the issue when a leak presents itself. On the other hand, those who are experiencing a leak and haven’t had their furnaces (and humidifiers, if so equipped) serviced in years need to act immediately, as this particular type of leak can cause serious damage to the unit; you can likely imagine what happens when water mixes with sensitive electronics – it’s not good!


Addressing and Preventing the Issue

Any time someone encounters a water leak from their furnace, it’s important to address the problem immediately. The team at Princeton Air is highly experienced in furnace repair, and scheduling preventative maintenance will help to ensure that the problem never pops up again. We’ll come up with a plan that will almost always get your furnace back up and running at peak performance. The end result is improved home comfort, better indoor air quality and an increase in true energy efficiency.

Don’t let a leaky furnace affect home performance. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule preventative maintenance for your furnace.


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