Geothermal Energy
December 18, 2015

We’ve noticed an upswing lately in geothermal energy adoption and usage by homeowners that rely on Heating Oil & Propane – not to mention many with Natural Gas service as well; but are wondering why so many New Jersey residents have yet to consider making this switch, be it to supplement or even eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels.

Making a decision to switch something can seem like a big transition, no matter what the switch might be – whether that’s a new phone or car, an operating system for your computer or an HVAC system for your home. But in the case of the fossil fuel-to-geothermal change, there are some obvious factors that are making this an increasingly common & easy choice.

Simple math

Liquid Propane (LP) and #2 Heating Oil (the kind used in homes) are petroleum-based energy sources; and while we are currently experiencing a period of pretty moderate & stable petroleum prices, we all know these products are only going to get more expensive over time, which means that your cost of home heating, be it with LP or #2, will likely continue to be a monthly pain point.

Using a “renewable” fuel source can significantly help reduce the cost of heating your home. Geothermal energy in particular is a constant, predictable source of heating (and cooling) power. It comes straight out of the earth – so even on a typical cold, cloudy day here in New Jersey, it’s working for you. Compared to LP & #2, geothermal systems can offer savings anywhere between 40-80% on an annual basis.

Time savings

One complaint we hear a lot from customers in the Princeton region is the “hoping they come” scenario: as LP & #2 are both “delivered” by truck to the home, many clients find themselves having to wait for the fuel deliveries, with the hopes that they will have their tanks filled before they run out – and you know that things have a habit of running out at the most inconvenient times! But what if you could eliminate all that waiting time, and worrying time, from your schedule; that has value as well, yes? Geothermal energy gives you that convenience; and as with cost savings, it’s a more predictable way to go.

Equipment life

Another benefit you will see by switching from a fossil-fuel based heating system to a geothermal system is life expectancy: Geothermal systems themselves have incredibly long lifespans – roughly 25-35 years for the mechanical components, and most estimate more than 100 years for the underground piping components; which means that if you were to convert to a geothermal now, it is quite likely that you will have the same equipment in place for the rest of the years you own the home.

By comparison, Liquid Propane & Heating Oil systems have an estimated lifespan of 15-18 years; so statistically that means you could end up purchasing 2 or 3 LP or #2 Heating Oil systems in the same time you would’ve only purchased 1 Geothermal system – another “win” for the Geothermal option.

Making the switch

Clearly, the switch from #2 Heating Oil or Liquid Propane to geothermal energy is an investment. You’ll want to consider your options and think about the payoff. One factor that really helps is a possible 30% federal tax credit currently available to homeowners who install a geothermal heating and cooling system. But whether you have decided to take action, or just want to know more about this alternative fuel source, call Princeton Air! We are the local experts on geothermal energy, and we’re here to answer your questions and help you in the transition.

This is the best time for you to exchange your out-of-date HVAC model for a new, premium high efficiency system!