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Whether they realize it or not, many people living in Central New Jersey take their home’s air quality for granted. This being said, there are plenty of circumstances where air quality issues actually exist, yet are overlooked for years upon years.
LUCKY ME: I spent last weekend in Puerto Rico visiting my brother, whose company relocated from Texas to the “Isla de Encanta” (“Island of Love”, the slogan on their license plates) to take advantage of the corporate tax loophole that exists – I will say no more about that, but trust me when I tell... Read more
Air Conditioning Central New Jersey
Central New Jersey residents know that there are few better places in the country to spend the summer. At the same token, there’s no hiding the fact that it can get pretty hot in the Princeton/Mercer County region throughout the summer.
My wife & I recently had the “pleasure” of trying to find our 12 year old daughter a catcher’s mitt for her fast-pitch softball league; which on the surface may sound like an easy enough task to accomplish, until you factor in the “genetic disorder” she inherited from me: Being left-handed.
We spend so much of our time indoors in this area, and especially these past few months with all of the extreme cold we’ve had – I know I only went outside when absolutely necessary, and even then looked for excuses not to!