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Indoor Air Quality New Jersey
It is estimated that the average person living in our area spends approximately 90% of their time indoors, with that number escalated further during the colder months of the year.
Caulk the windows. Weatherstrip the doors. It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the time of year when you should do those things. I mean it’s the time of year when a lot of news stories that include this ineffective advice start appearing.
In the quest to improve home performance, many New Jersey homeowners pay close attention to any and all issues that might make themselves apparent.
Is a Furnace Tuneup Worth It
Short answer: Yes!Longer, but more informative answer:
There are so many “facts” and opinions floating around the internet that contradict each other, it can be very difficult to know exactly what’s true and what’s fabricated.
It’s the middle of another hot & humid summer in central New Jersey and your 20 year old Central Air Conditioner just died, again; but instead of sinking more dollars into repairing it like you did in years past, you finally decide that it makes more sense – and cents
When you’re shopping around for a new central air conditioner, you probably spend most of your time looking at the different brands, models and options, as well as investigating the HVAC contractor options; but how often do you think about the air conditioner's cooling capacity?
Our CEO Joseph Needham was recently interviewed by IE3Media about the future of Geothermal Contracting.Princeton Air based in Princeton Junction, NJ, is a 44-year-old company that has been selling geothermal systems for more than six years.
Lennox air conditioning
Summer is once again in full swing here in Princeton, NJ, and many homeowners are feeling the heat more than they’d like to. Warm, sunny days are surely appreciated, but it helps to be able to escape into a cool, air conditioned home.
Ever heard of a “blower door test”? If the term is foreign to you, you’re not alone.