When Patty Cronheim of Pennington, New Jersey, was considering geothermal heating and cooling for her 4,768-square-foot, Central Hall Colonial style home, she knew she needed a local contractor who could help her design the perfect system. After researching Princeton Air online, she knew we were the right team for her project.

Moving from Natural Gas to Geothermal Energy

When Patty got in touch with us, she was using an air conditioner and a natural gas furnace to cool and heat her home. She also used a natural gas water heater for hot water. This had her relying heavily on natural gas; and with aging HVAC and water heating equipment, it was costing a lot just to stay comfortable throughout the year.

We determined that a geothermal heat pump system, coupled with a heat pump water heater, would give Patty the opportunity to reduce her reliance on natural gas and cut energy costs significantly. We began designing her system by performing a load calculation to size her new heat pump and water heater precisely for her home. Her existing HVAC system involved ductwork, so we planned to reutilize the ductwork for her new system. We would also need to install 1,284 feet of geothermal loop piping in her backyard.

Advanced Technology for Increased Energy Efficiency

Ultimately, we chose a WaterFurnace NDV 5 Series geothermal heat pump and an A. O. Smith hybrid electric heat pump water heater for Patty’s Pennington home.

The WaterFurnace heat pump is rated at 16 EER and 3.8 COP and supplies energy efficient heating and cooling for Patty’s home. Meanwhile, the A. O. Smith water heater captures excess heat from the geothermal heat pump for even more efficient water heating.

Reduced Energy Usage, Greater Home Safety & More

With her new geothermal system, Patty can expect to save 50% to 60% more energy per year, significantly reducing all of her home heating, cooling, and water heating costs. What’s more is that she has nearly eliminated her direct fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Her gas stove and fireplace are now the only appliances in her home which consume fossil fuels. This removes the potential danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in her home, making her home that much safer.

Aside from these impressive benefits, Patty is also enjoying greater comfort inside her home, thanks to the advanced features built into her WaterFurnace heat pump. The variable speed blower creates more even temperatures throughout her house, while advanced humidity removal helps her feel more comfortable during the summer.

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