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Gas-Fired Boiler Installation and Repair in Central New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania

Benefits of Boiler Heating

Unlike furnaces, which generate heated air, hot water boilers transfer steam heat to generate indoor warmth. New models can be highly efficient, saving you 25-40% on heating bills and lasting 15-25 years if maintained properly. Additionally, because they don’t use fans or blowers, they don’t contribute to blowing dust, dirt, allergens, etc., into the air. Boilers save you money and increase your home’s comfort.

Boiler Installation

Through our comprehensive, whole-house approach to product recommendations and installations, we find a system that is right for your home and your budget. Princeton Air goes above and beyond to ensure that the boilers we install will work trouble-free for as long as possible. The boilers we install begin paying for themselves right away due to their low operating costs.

Boiler Repair

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your boiler and that it is operating efficiently, it is important to have it checked and maintained. Through our maintenance plan, our expert technicians make sure that your home’s systems are all working together to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. If you suspect that something is wrong with your boiler, you can contact us 24/7 for top notch service. We will identify the problem and fix it at its source, ensuring that you won’t have the same problem in the near future.

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Approximately how long does it take you to complete an installation of an air conditioning or heating system?

Most of our installations are done in a day and a half, although every job is different and some take longer than others. In extreme weather conditions we usually get your system working the same day.

I hear a lot of talk about high-efficiency heating systems. How do you determine a heating system’s efficiency?

One indiciator is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). All heating equipment manufactured after 1980 has been required to have a label indicating its AFUE. The AFUE ratio is a measurement of a heating system’s seasonal efficiency, taking into account how well the system performs over an entire season of starts and stops. Modern heating systems can range in efficiency from 81% to 95%. If your system’s AFUE is lower than this range, talk to us about your replacement options.

Is annual maintenance necessary?

Yes! In our area, comfort systems work hard; and just like anything that might be operating virtually non-stop for months on end, a little regular maintenance goes a long way. Think about the car you drive daily -  without the regular maintenance of a tune-up, you lose efficiency (Miles Per Gallon) and money (to replace those gallons used).

Regularly-scheduled & performed tune-ups keep your system working at their peak efficiency, and can extend the life of your equipment by giving our technicians a chance to potentially catch minor problems and signs of wear before they turn into major trouble down the road. An annual tune-up also protects your family/building occupants by helping prevent life & health-threatening conditions from occurring, likecarbon monoxide poisoning for example.

Reduce your energy costs and improve in-home comfort with a new, efficient boiler.


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