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Princeton Air is proud to have served our community for over 40 years. We love hearing from our wonderful customers. Read some of their feedback below.

Quality workmanship and premier customer service are hallmarks of Princeton Air in NJ. In the last 12 months I replaced two Lennox central air conditioners with new Lennox units and due to Hurricane Irene a new Lennox furnace. I have spent over 20K with Princeton Air in the last 12 mos. The service I have received from their Installation dept and their EXCELLENT representative, Karen, is commendable. The employees at Princeton Air are patient, responsive, professional, and caring. Princeton Air is an excellent asset to the Lennox product line.


I want to let you know that I had a chance to inspect the work you guys did for Pat Palmer and Mark Widmer. When I replaced a bathroom fan for them, I had to remove some drywall from their bathroom ceiling where Princeton Air had installed dense pack cellulose a few years ago. Even when the drywall was removed, your cellulose stayed perfectly between the joists, a perfect installation job as far as I'm concerned... way to go, Princeton Air. I hope things are going well for you.


The house is performing wonderfully. The gas usage for November and December was 247 therms. The gas usage for last December alone was 248 therms. The family room, where we spend a lot of our leisure time, is much closer to the temperature of the dining room (where the thermostat is), so we can lower the thermostat and still be comfortable. The family room was also a lot less overheated during the summer. We've also noticed that our electricity use is lower than the solar panels alone can explain. I'm guessing that reduction may be related to how much power the blower fan draws. Bottom line - I'm really glad we had the work done. It wouldn't have been cost-effective without the state rebate, but the rebate certainly made it worth it.


Princeton Air personnel provided us with an energy efficient heating/air conditioning system that worked without current heating challenges. We were very happy with the service. The installers showed up on time and were clean and courteous and they did not mind me watching and asking questions during installation.

Vicki, Lawrenceville

Princeton Air and Eric saved us from another cold night. You were there when PSE&G was not. Thank you.

Susan, West Windsor

Technician was cordial, polite, & professional.

Suzanne, Skillman

I just wanted to say how impressed and extremely happy I was with Princeton Air. The professionalism, courtesy, and the attention to detail of Matt, Jimmy, Nelson, and Wes was both refreshing and much appreciated. I noticed that Princeton Air used the highest quality products and did not cut corners in terms of material or labor. I wish that this level of service and commitment would be the standard but unfortunately that has not been my experience with your company as the exception. So I thank you and I will be providing all my future business to Princeton Air. More importantly, I am at the age where all my friends are starting families and purchasing homes so I will be strongly advocating Princeton Air to them as well!

Bode, Princeton

Returned home at 5:00PM last evening after being away for 2 plus weeks to find the furnace completely shut down...no heat, 48 degree temp in the house. Asked if someone could get there that evening and was advised that Eric, a Service Tech, was on a call and he would get back to us. Called within a half hour and was at our house by 6:00PM and had the problem corrected quickly...and efficiently. Great service! Thanks.

Mike, Princeton Junction

Sam got the bat out of my air conditioning vent in the master bedroom! Never complained. He also spotted a clogged pipe leaking in the attic from the unit. Replaced it quickly. Nice guy. Courteous and friendly. I appreciated his cheery demeanor despite the request to remove the bat!

Linda, Hopewell

We experienced a warranty issue that caused my ceiling to become water damaged, Sean's ability to stay calm helped me to calm down as well. I think it was his polite demeanor that caused me to remain a customer of your Company.

Dawn, Lawrenceville

Milton called on us today to do an annual service on our air conditioning system. I found him to be very competent and knowledgeable. He worked quickly, but he explained things as he worked and gave me good advice. He was very thorough and cleaned up afterwards. He did an excellent job, and was a fine representative of Princeton Air. Please pass along my thanks to him.

Robert, Princeton

Regarding Paul, Jason, and Mark - Princeton Air is a wonderful company. We really appreciate all they did for us.

Jim, Princeton Junction

I have been more than pleased with your technician, Mike. He is always very professional and allows me to call him directly to place a service call. He always responds to the service calls in a timely manner and is wonderful in dealing with the tenants. This relationship with Princeton Air is working out very well.

Mary, Lawrenceville

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with one of your techs Eric. I had a scheduled visit today and Eric was on time, very personable, and explained everything he was doing thoroughly. Eric is a fine representative of your company. Thanks for sending him out for this call.


This is my first time using your service and I want to compliment you on your good personnel. Its a really fine service that you have. I would love to have Milton back again if I can.

Joseph, Hamilton

I just had Eric leave my house and as I'm sure you know, this guy is amazing. I've had a lot of service people in my house and he comes in and cleans up after himself, is respectful, and polite. He asks if I have any questions and always gives me good advice.

John, Princeton Junction

Thanks for the info, and thanks for bringing the job to completion. Marty and Marcel took care of business, and were happy campers. It was too cold (below 45 F) for the heat pump to fire, but I'll wait for a warmer day and keep an eye on it. The 7 inc. pipe solution hasn't proved itself yet, but we'll play with reducing the size of the return air in that room (as Marty suggested) and see what happens. Neat thermostat, I'm looking forward to making friends with it.

Pat & Toni, Princeton

Everyone has been extremely helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and competent. No matter who answers the phone, I am confident that my request issue will be promptly attended to with total professionalism. Whenever someone comes to the house to provide service, I know that it will be done right, the work will be explained clearly, and I will not have the feeling of being taken advantage of. I apologize for not remembering everyone's name.

Loren, Lambertville

The technician did an excellent job. He was not only really good with the work that he did, he cleaned up and didnt take anything lightly, which I really appreciated.

Kate, Yardley

The professionalism and expertise that I encountered from Kevin made me fully satisfied with this past Saturday's scheduled service. He explained in detail how my system works, he also pointed out the root cause of a problem I had been having and corrected it. Overall, I was very satisfied.

Bob, Princeton

This letter is commending Sean. Yesterday, he came to check the furnace at my home. He is efficient and his explanations are clear. He remembers where everything is, and I absolutely trust his work. Its very nice to know that I can rely on Sean. I really appreciate his work.

Elizabeth, West Windsor

I just wanted to call to comment on Brennens performance. He came out to service my unit. Brennen was very professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Theodore, Hopewell

I just wanted to call in to say what a wonderful job Nick did over the weekend. I was amazed by the amount of time that he spent in the heat and humidity to get the unit running. I am thankful to Nick and the entire company that I had A/C over the weekend

Leonore, Lawerenceville

Part of the reason why I stick with your company is because of Sean. He takes time to explain things to me and he helped me decide which new system to get last year. He is a real asset.

James, Robbinsville

You guys were the first company to figure out how to replace the units here at Governors Lane as built. Congratulations. Chris et al. were great to work with. Thank you.

John, Princeton

Eric handled himself very professionally and took the time to listen to me. Because of his sincere interest, will be preparing a proposal to substantially upgrade our system. He seems to know his profession well and handled me in the right manner. That's the kind of service I enjoy paying for!

Vaughn, Pennington

I just wanted you to know that Rich is a very pleasant, professional and courteous person. All of your employees that have come here are the same. You guys must be doing something right.

Linda, Morganville

Brennan performed the seasonal service on our A/C unit. We were very impressed. He took care of everything very efficiently and completely. He also quickly solved a potential problem. This is to commend Brennan for his fine work and his excellent customer service.

Melvin, Lawrenceville

You have some great people working there. They are fantastic especially Jack and Eric.

James, Skillman

On February 26, 2007 I experienced the frightening experience of having my gas carbon monoxide detector go off. I cannot say enough to the diligence and professional manner Eric demonstrated while trouble shooting. His persistence, expertise, and obvious enjoyment of his job with his drive to continue to trouble shoot and determine the problem demonstrates terrific work ethic and good character. I am delighted that I chose to have Princeton Air as my contractor.

Doris, Plainsboro

Your guys have always been good, but these two men (Geoff and Rich) were the most polite, professional, and personable I've had. They represent your company very well.

Janet, Monroe

Wanted to let you know that Eric performed yet another excellent maintenance on my contract. He has an excellent positive attitude coupled to a get it done right work ethic. It is a pleasure to have him here to take care of things. I never thought anyone could replace Mike, who was the same way, but I have another reliable person to count on to do the right job, on time, with a smile

Jon, Cranbury

I am writing this letter to you to thank one of your employees. Paul noted a pin-hole leak on the side of the main water line that enters the building switchgear room. Had it not been for your conscientious employee, the consequences could have been staggering due to the extensive amount of electrical panels in this room.

Robert, Cranbury

We returned home from a one week vacation to Aruba, at about 10:30 pm, to a 50 degree home. We had no heat. We called Princeton Air and the Service Rep was at our home within 25 minutes. Sean fixed the problem quickly. That is great service. You guys are the best.

Frank and Mary, Lawrenceville

Yes, Mr. Needham my name is Samuel, I live in Hamilton, New Jersey and I just wanted to commend your staff, mainly Shelby and then the guys who came out over the last week. I was having a huge problem with my air conditioner, you guys ending up installing a brand new unit. It wasn't scheduled to come in until the 20th but Shelby somehow . . . we had a death in my family, my wife's mother passed away so we had a lot of people coming in, the air conditioner wasn't working. You guys were gracious enough to come out and load me up with freon a couple of times. I did buy the new unit and it actually went in yesterday and I wanted to commend anybody who partake in helping me out over the last week or so with this issue and the situation with no air conditioner.And like, the other day, I had 20 people in my house and the house was so hot, and it was just really unbearable but you guys went over and above getting my new Trane unit installed yesterday instead of waiting for the 20th and the funeral was yesterday. So we had people back at the house last night, the air conditioner was running and it was very cold and all that stuff. So again, I just want to tip my hat to Shelby who kind of spearheaded everything over the last few days and then again all the guys who came out and did their job, I appreciate it. Again Samuel, Hamilton, New Jersey and thank you very much. 


Scott, my name is Jean. Princeton Air was here to see me at One Marcom. You sent a representative and he was exceptional, beyond exceptional. I was very pleased with the service and he wouldn't leave until it was corrected to the utmost degree. So, thank you very much, Princeton Air. 


Hi Scott, this is a customer, Karen. I had a new tech at my house this morning, and we were very pleased with him. He was very, very nice. In the past, well we've used Princeton Air at our house here, and our house before this on Courtney Drive. So, I think, I don't know maybe we're customers for 25 years or so. But we've had multiple technicians and been very happy. And Michael seems to be along the same lines, very nice. So Jacqueline is putting him down as our regular tech and we just wanted you to know how pleased we were. Thank you.


Hi Scott, it’s Steve, general manager of the Nassau Club of Princeton. I just wanted to let you know on this Friday, that you know Jack's over here doing his stuff. And I can't tell you how pleased I am by signing that maintenance contract with your company. And I, as a rule, do not sign them. I never think they work, I feel you get less value. But in signing that we have had so many less opportunities for break downs and repairs that it's worked out so smooth and it most of it is because of Jack.He comes here. He does it on his thing. He's out there. He's using the hose. He's washing the stuff. He's got the right filters. He's got the right belts. And it was funny, I had to call Jackie to get through to you and I haven't talked to her for a while. And I'm like, you know, nothing against Jackie, she's great, but it's great that I don't have to talk to you. So, if you ever need me for a reference or someone's on the fence about signing one of those I'll definitely tell them that I have multiple units, different age, old building. And by preventative maintenance that's actually performed, it is definitely a value. So thank you very much.


My Name is Irma, I just recently had insulation. I just want to let you know that the men who were here that worked on the house, the main two on the team were Jim and Nestor. I want to let you know that the entire team, there were other men, that I didn't catch everybody's name. But, everyone one of them absolutely fantastic, very polite, cleaned up after themselves, I can't say enough good about them. They really went out of their way, above and beyond what I had any expectation for to give me a complete and total job that I am so satisfied with, you have no idea. 


Hello, my name is Sunit in Flemington, New Jersey. This morning, I had your service technician come out to service my two heating units, Lennox. I can tell you in 20 years I've never seen a person showing such a professional attitude and doing such an excellent job. First time I've seen someone monitor carbon monoxide at the grill level that the air is coming out. I've never seen that either from any of the previous technicians that I have used with the other companies. I really commend his work and I was very, very happy with Peter's work today. Thank you


Hey Scott, Tom here & it's Tuesday morning. I just wanted to call to say thank you very much for having your service guy come out last night. He got there a little before 8:00, he was done about 8:45, we're back to full operating status.I think we have found an issue that your people are going to resolve over the long term. We're back functionally, have heat and I can't thank you enough, because as I said, we had a 95-year-old and a two month old here, and so we needed the heat.Your attention to the problem was very much appreciated and I just wanted to call and thank you for it. 


Mr. Needham, my name is Harriet; I am a customer of Princeton Air since I moved into Raven's Crest about ten years ago. Luckily I haven't had to have too many service calls but I did have an emergency today and within three hours of my phone call your technician arrived at my door. I just want to compliment him to you. He was such a wonderful gentleman. He not only fixed everything, he was not only here promptly, but so well spoken, so nicely attired in your uniform. The whole experience was just a wonderful experience. He was the politest, nicest serviceman I have ever dealt with from any company and I thought that you should know that. So keep it up, you're hiring the right kind of people and thank you for listening to this message. Bye.


Scott, my name is Michael; I'm a resident of West Windsor. I just had your tune-up, I have service with you, had it for years. Just had an air conditioning tune-up this morning. The technician was Alberto Martino and he did an absolutely fabulous job. Very creative and very, very helpful. Appreciate you sending him out. Thanks so much. 


Rob and I want to thank you and Dennis, Ontrea, Francine, Chris, Marty, Mike and all of your crew for being so customer service friendly in handling our installation of our new A/C and furnace system. We can see why the original owners of our home used you 20 years ago and we are confident about the next 20 years. Everyone was courteous and patient and helped to find a fast solution to our problem. Thank you all for your kind and prompt service.

Linda and Rob, Princeton Junction

I just want you to know what an excellent job your crew did installing our new Trane heating system on Tuesday morning. They arrived promptly and explained to me exactly what they would be doing. The three men worked as a team and were very courteous and kind. I expressed my concern about using a digital product, but they allayed my fears by explaining the energy efficiency of this newer model. The installation area was left clean and neat, which was most appreciated.

Elaine, Lawrence

The technician (Kevin) was wonderfully polite and respectful of my home. He was very professional, patient, thorough, and showed a genuine concern for the well-being of my family

Vera, Princeton