Princeton Air offers Energy Audits in Central NJ and Southeastern PA

Princeton Air, a certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor, offers you an outstanding opportunity to get a comprehensive home energy audit.

Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

Is a Home Energy Audit Needed for your home?

Does your home have any of these symptoms?

  • Cold floors
  • Cold glassware/plates in cabinets
  • Rooms above garage that are always cold
  • Drafty rooms
  • Excessive dust
  • Outside noises are heard in your home
  • High utility bills
  • Noisy furnace
  • Condensation on windows
  • Uneven snow melt on your roof
  • Family members suffer from allergies
  • Comfort issues

A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home efficient. We will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency. This audit takes usually around two to four hours, and is ideal for a homeowner who wants a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

This audit considers how all the components of the building work together and their effects on health and safety, building durability, comfort, and energy efficiency. This level of inspection is typically outside of the scope of traditional inspections.

Our Home Energy Audit Process

We will perform a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit and run a “total system” inspection, which includes focusing on your living space, attic, basement or crawl spaces, performing a number of computerized tests, and reporting on the current conditions in your home, including the following: 

  • Health and safety (carbon monoxide levels and moisture problems)
  • Insulation levels
  • Air Filtration Rating (aka Blower Door, which is used to measure air leaking in and out of the home)
  • Thermal imaging (infrared thermography)
  • Domestic hot-water system efficiency
  • Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, if applicable
  • Utility Bill Analysis (full 12 months of living in home)
  • Gas leak tests on pipes/equipment
  • Detailed report and proposal on ways to reduce utility usage and increase comfort


Then we use the findings to develop proposed improvements with estimated costs and energy savings. We work with you to come up with a plan for improvements that fits your budget and offers everything from full retrofits to DIY jobs.

If you want to schedule a comprehensive home assessment, please click here to contact us.

Take the first step to improved home efficiency with a comprehensive energy audit.

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Eliminated current heating challenges

Princeton Air personnel provided us with an energy efficient heating/air conditioning system that worked without current heating challenges. We were very happy with the service. The installers showed up on time and were clean and courteous and they did not mind me watching and asking questions during installation.


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