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Backup or standby generators give residents throughout New Jersey peace of mind when a powerful storm hits and the power goes out. Now more than ever, residents of our state are exposed to natural disasters year-round that may lead to an outage.

Without a whole house generator, you and your family could go for days without power in the event of an emergency. If you do you have a backup generator but it hasn’t been regularly maintained or received necessary repairs, it won’t be ready when you need it most.

Princeton Air installs standby generators by Kohler to give homeowners here in New Jersey greater peace of mind during a power outage. We also repair and service generators by Kohler, Generac, and other brands to ensure that your generator is ready to provide backup power when you need it most.

Reasons To Install & Maintain A Generator

As you go about your day, it’s easy to forget the tasks you do that rely on a steady and reliable supply of power. These activities are all reasons to install, maintain and, in some cases, repair, a backup generator:

  • Keeping your lights on

  • Keeping HVAC systems running smoothly

  • Being able to charge your phone

  • Making sure the food in your refrigerator and freezer stays fresh

  • Staying updated in case of an emergency

  • Staying connected to the internet

The benefits of generator installation, maintenance, and repair add up quickly, and they can become apparent when you least expect it. The technicians at Princeton Air are here to make sure that when the worst hits, you’re ready.

What Problems Can Arise Without Maintenance?

Many New Jersey homeowners may be surprised by the number of problems that can befall a backup generator. Because a home generator is only put to use on an occasional basis, without maintenance many problems go unnoticed, such as:

  • Battery failure, the number one reason for generator failure

  • Low coolant levels

  • Oil and fuel leaks

  • Air in the fuel system

  • Inaccurate fuel level gauge

Our team is well equipped to install, repair, maintain, and replace, a wide array of backup generators. We’ll be able to evaluate and fix your generator, even if it wasn’t purchased from us. That way, you’ll have peace of mind the next time a big storm hits the Garden State area.

Ready To Repair In Case Of Emergency

With more than fifty employees and 24/7 service, the Princeton Air team is always accessible and ready to make sure your home is prepared for whatever nature throws your way. Even if you’ve done everything right and kept your generator maintained, sometimes disaster strikes and your generator isn’t operating when you need it most. The Princeton Air team is ready to problem solve to determine what’s wrong with your backup generator and get it operating as quickly as possible.

Be ready when the power goes out. Contact us or call 609-799-3434 to schedule generator installation, maintenance, or repair today!

With A Home Generator, You'll Never Be Without Electricity 

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