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Heating and Cooling Services Available from Princeton Air

We do our very best to help you stay comfortable

Ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly and efficiently is paramount to your home’s comfort and durability. We are trained in whole-house, building science techniques that stress the importance of treating the home as one, big interconnected system. We take the time to make your home’s systems function together, improving comfort, saving your money on energy, and increasing the longevity of heating and cooling equipment.

You can depend on us to give you expert advice and fair pricing on products for virtually all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. But you'll also find great value in the range and quality of services we offer for home and business. We'll get installation permits and even fill out any new equipment rebate forms for you!

We are committed to helping central NJ and southeastern PA save on energy

We offer a range of systems that aim to improve your home’s comfort while reducing energy consumptions. Read the individual pages within this section of our website to learn more. You'll learn what our thousands of long-time customers already know - that no other HVAC company in our service area goes as far as we do in providing good quality customer care.

Customers of Clean Aire and Soden's Heating & Cooling are Welcome!

If you were a customer of Clean Aire Heating & Cooling or Soden's Heating and Cooling who is looking for a new HVAC contractor, we invite you to contact Princeton Air today for expert service. Since 1971, our family has worked hard to make families like yours safer and more comfortable indoors, with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services. You will appreciate that we constantly do our best to keep our prices affordable. Princeton Air, the heating and cooling contractor you have been looking for!


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Princeton Air is the right choice for AC installation and repair. We evaluate your current HVAC system or situation, thoroughly explain the available options, and make expert recommendations that fit your specific needs and budget.

Residential Boiler in Brick Basement

Unlike furnaces, which generate heated air, boilers transfer heat or steam heat to generate indoor warmth. New models can be highly efficient, saving you 25-40% on heating bills and lasting 50-75 years if maintained properly.

Furnaces installed in a basement

Your home’s heating needs can account for up to two-thirds of your annual energy bill, so it’s important that we inspect your current furnace to ensure it is not too old, too large or too small for the job it is being asked to do. When a repair is in order, we stand by our quality work and put warranties on any parts we replace. However, with the efficiency of modern furnaces, having a new furnace installed is also a good option as you will begin saving money on heating immediately.

heat pump outside house, part of a hybrid heat pump system

A heat pump, as the name suggests, pumps heat from one location to another location within your home to keep you warmer during wintertime. However, a heat pump can also cool your home in the summertime through the use of a reversing valve and heat exchanger that pushes heat out rather then in.

A typical home's heating and cooling system has too little control, too little comfort, and uses too much energy. Emme Room-by-Room can change that; it provides the control to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. We won’t simply install the system, we’ll make sure you know how to use it to maximize your comfort and efficiency.
Believe it or not, the #1 reason for heating and cooling systems failures is dirt and grime. A distant second reason is parts failure. That's why during most repairs we determine that regular tune-ups in the past could have prevented the equipment problem being addressed.

Princeton Air is your Middlesex and Mercer County resource for water heater installation & repair. We service all types, makes & models and our master plumber can pinpoint energy savings from a water heater upgrade. Princeton Air's water heater experts ensure your new heater fits your home's needs and your budget.


How do your emergency services and live technicians work?

We have a service technician on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you will always speak to a person, not a machine.

If you are calling to schedule a tune-up, we’ll put you on the schedule and confirm the date and time with you the next day during regular business hours.

Do you offer service plans?

Yes. Our Gold service maintenance plan covers a multitude of things that typically go wrong with your heating and AC system and includes annual 12-point heating and cooling tune-ups to maximize performance and longevity. Other benefits include a 15% discount on repairs, Loyalty Credits and more. All this for little more than the cost of an annual tune-up. For more comprehensive coverage, we offer the Platinum plan, which includes all of the Gold member benefits as well as 100% parts coverage!

Is annual maintenance necessary?

Yes! In our area, comfort systems work hard; and just like anything that might be operating virtually non-stop for months on end, a little regular maintenance goes a long way. Think about the car you drive daily -  without the regular maintenance of a tune-up, you lose efficiency (Miles Per Gallon) and money (to replace those gallons used).

Regularly-scheduled & performed tune-ups keep your system working at their peak efficiency, and can extend the life of your equipment by giving our technicians a chance to potentially catch minor problems and signs of wear before they turn into major trouble down the road. An annual tune-up also protects your family/building occupants by helping prevent life & health-threatening conditions from occurring, likecarbon monoxide poisoning for example.

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