What makes Green Seal Cellulose insulation a good choice for central NJ and southeastern PA?

Princeton Air uses cellulose insulation because it is:


Green Seal Cellulose is made using hand-sorted recycled newspaper. It has 82%-plus recycled content, compared to fiberglass, which has up to 25%, and spray foam, which has 0%. It also has the lowest "embodied energy" (the amount of energy it takes to manufacture) of any insulation choice.


Green Seal Cellulose is infused with borates, a naturally occurring mineral that is fire-resistant, mold resistant, and insect resistant. We dense pack it into your walls, making them a very inhospitable environment for ants, termites, mice, etc.


Cellulose insulation has a much higher installed density than fiberglass, so not only does it prevent the movement of air and heat through the walls of your home, it also reduces the transmission of sound, so you enjoy more peace and quiet in your home.


  • Highest R-value per inch (insulation rating)
  • Blocks air movement
  • No vapor barrier required
  • No indoor air pollution
  • Reduced noise
  • Much lower impact on the environment

And it can save you as much as 40% more on your heating and cooling bills!

Princeton Air has a dedicated team of cellulose insulation installers, all of whom have been trained directly by the manufacturers of Green Seal Cellulose . If your home has drafts or comfort issues, we can assess the problem and determine if cellulose is right for you.

Find out what Cellulose insulation can do for your home's comfort.


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A a perfect installation job

I want to let you know that I had a chance to inspect the work you guys did for Pat Palmer and Mark Widmer. When I replaced a bathroom fan for them, I had to remove some drywall from their bathroom ceiling where Princeton Air had installed dense pack cellulose a few years ago. Even when the drywall was removed, your cellulose stayed perfectly between the joists, a perfect installation job as far as I'm concerned... way to go, Princeton Air. I hope things are going well for you.

Elaine & Bill have been loyal Princeton Air clients for many years. As the original owners of the 30 year old Princeton home, they were... Read More