You wouldn’t wear a sweater out in the wind and rain, would you? Traditional fiberglass insulation is the equivalent of wearing a sweater when you should really be wearing your Gor-tex windbreaker. And, as you might have guessed, spray foam is the Gor-tex windbreaker of the insulation world. If you are having comfort and/or moisture issues in your home it might be time to evaluate your insulation and determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

The right insulation for New Jersey and Pennsylvania

In a climate with wet winters and humid summers, it pays to have insulation that can combat the elements. Where traditional insulations need to be cut to size and stuffed into gaps, spray foam expands to fill holes and stays in place rather than sagging over time. It can also either block water or allow it to flow through, unlike fiberglass insulation which retains moisture and can create mold issues for your home. The way spray foam deals with moisture helps to reduces dust, allergens and pollutants within your home.

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