It's Not Just A Generator; It's Peace Of Mind For Central NJ & Southeastern PA.

Every year, it seems like we have to cope with devastating storms that knock out power to millions of people. Once your power goes off, you never know just how long it will be before you get it back. That's where we come in. We provide top of the line generator installation and 24 hour service for home generators to make sure you have power when you need it most.

What Is a Home Generator?


With a Kohler whole home generator, you don't have to worry about whether or not you’ll have power when a severe storm or accident hits. When your area loses power, your generator will ensure that your lights stay on, your air conditioning or furnace keeps running, the food in your refrigerator stays cold, and essential medical equipment stays operational. You'll have a reliable on-site power supply to help you get through the damaging effects of extreme weather until the utility trucks get the lines repaired.

How Does a Home Generator Work?


Princeton Can Install & Repair Your Generator

Princeton Air installs generators for all types of homes, large or small, and provides generator options for whole-house or partial backup power. We also provide routine maintenance and repair to ensure that your generator is ready when you need it most.

The Home Generator Installation Process

No matter what generator you choose, you can count on reliable, safe power, backed up by a 5 year parts and 2 year labor warranty from Kohler. Plus, you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Princeton Air.


Learn More About Kohler Generators

We proudly install high quality, reliable Kohler generators. Whether you’re a JCP&L, PSE&G, or PECO customer, you can rest easy knowing your Kohler generator has you covered. Learn more about these industry leading generators below.

Use this handy sizing chart to select the right generator for your needs!


Considering a standby generator for your home, or need your existing generator repaired? Contact us for a free estimate today!


What size generator do I need for my home/business?

For the most accurate, detailed estimate, we strongly recommend that you contact us, your local KOHLER Generator dealer, and schedule a no-charge site visit with one of our Generator Specialists; we can analyze your home and/or business’ electrical load and lifestyle/workstyle needs, and then specify & install your generator system. However, if just getting a rough idea of what size your home or business might require is enough, you can use this Sizing Tool to get an idea of your power requirements.

Can I install my KOHLER generator myself?

Unless you are both a licensed & experienced Electrician and Master Plumber, Kohler strongly recommends that you choose a local KOHLER Generators dealer like Princeton Air to install your generator.

How do I learn about local installation codes?

Code requirements for installing standby generator systems vary nationwide. That's why Kohler recommends having a factory-authorized dealer like Princeton Air install your system, since they are familiar with both local and national codes & can (almost always) avoid code issues with local inspectors.

Does my generator purchase include a battery?

Generators ship from the factory without batteries to ensure that the freshest possible battery is installed at the jobsite; and some contractors will make the battery an additional purchase option. However, Princeton Air does not consider this to be an “option”, and therefore includes a battery with all generator installations - and makes sure it is the proper battery for your generator model.

What size transfer switch is best for my generator?

Princeton Air, your local authorized KOHLER dealer, will perform an onsite analysis to determine which generator and transfer switch combination offers the best solution for your home or business.

What about my generator's warranty protection & registration?

Once an authorized Kohler service technician from Princeton Air completes a post-installation Warranty Start-Up at your home & the technician completes a checklist to make sure the system is properly installed, the information is brought back to our offices, where one of our Administrative Specialists will enter all necessary information onto the Kohler Warranty site. Then, instead of your warranty beginning on the date the generator left the factory, or the day the generator is purchased from Princeton Air, it begins on the day Princeton Air submits your generator system's details to the Warranty Start-Up program. This process officially moves the warranty start date for your generator to the day your generator is installed.

Install a home generator and never be without electricity 

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